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Hi! I’m Sam, a senior in high school living with daily chronic refractory migraines. I am starting this blog to help others with migraines or any other disability navigate through life and school.

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Bring Sunglasses Everywhere

Tuesday Tip: Make sure you have sunglasses with you everywhere you go. You never know when you might need them. Being in a car at night can be difficult with all of the headlights, bright lights, and flashing lights. Sunglasses help to dull these if you are a passenger.

Axon Optics Tinted Migraine Glasses Review

As mentioned in Migraine Symptoms and Solutions and Migraine Survival Pack, FL-41 Tinted glasses have been a lifesaver for photophobia associated to migraines. This specific tint filters out a lot of the wavelengths of light that contribute to light sensitivity, especially from fluorescent lights and computers, TVs, and phones. In fact, the University of Utah … Continue reading Axon Optics Tinted Migraine Glasses Review

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